Data collected from the engine ECM includes the engines hours, coolant temperature, engine temperature, engine RPM, odometer, battery voltage and fuel burn. ECM history accumulates each of these data points every three seconds while the engine is in operation.

Email alerts can be set for any limiting data point. For example: the client wants to know whenever engine RPM exceeds 2000 RPM; or, mileage reaches some particular number that would necessitate preventative maintenance like an oil change, tire rotation; or, perhaps battery voltage minimum that might prevent an engine from starting.

ECM data co-aligned with metrics from the GPS and integrated accelerometer can warn fleet operations of hard braking, hard acceleration, speeding and excessive idling events.

Matching map data that is regularly revised to the ECM/ GPS data, highly informative IFTA related reports are easily generated that includes multi-state mileage reports and off-road reports that reflect truck number, on road hours, off road hours, engine total time in any history period, on road miles, off road miles and total miles in any history period.

The engine assets that Red Dog can monitor with the ECM/ GPS is limited only by the availability of OBDII (light cars and trucks), J1339 (heavy trucks and many types of heavy equipment) or similar ECM output interface. Generally a suitable output interface is available on vehicles and equipment manufactured after 2004.


  • View Rea-Time Engine Data
  • Spot Potential Problems Before they Become Major Issues
  • Set Alerts for ECM Thresholds Such as High Temperature, High RPMs, etc.
  • Enable Accurate Maintenance Reporting