Red Dog Logistics is the most comprehensive Hours of Service

  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • Slip Seat Or Team Driving
  • Visible Warning Of Violations
  • Supports French and Spanish Language
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Improve business processes and efficiency

  • See Entire Fleet in Real Time
  • Routing with a Button Click
  • Keep Maintenance up to Date
  • View Total Fuel Usages
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Up To The Minute Live Monitoring

  • Real Time Alerting
  • Know Where Your Drivers Are
  • View Asset History
  • Update Routes in Real Time
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Reduce Labor Costs by Accountability

  • Hold Employees Accountable
  • View Driver Behavior
  • See Hard Cornering/Braking
  • See Hours Actually Worked
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The easiest way to monitor and dispatch your vehicles

Welcome to Red Dog Logistics!

Managing a vehicle fleet in the field and on the job is a challenge. Red Dog Logistics created a GPS fleet management software and hardware system that will drive efficiency and cost control in the trucking industry. Our smart routing system will reduce the cost of fuel, and our information management system is able to streamline your company data in easy to view reports gathered by our software to reduce personnel hours. With our services and equipment, your company will be able to trace assets and record information in a user-friendly application that reduces company management cost, fuel and driver wages.

At Red Dog Logistics we are able to optimize the ebb and flow of information on a moving fleet. The software delivers real-time positioning data on vehicles, as well as operational histories. One example on how this could best serve your company, is that a vehicle in route found near a new operation can be re-routed. Authorized personnel log into the database to trace and guide the fleet, as it moves on the road. Upon destination vehicles are moved in a logical manner to decrease waiting time for the client. This also reduces the cost of fuel used in the vehicles waiting to drop-off, or pick-up a commodity. The time a driver clocks in from waiting in a line adds up, and our system will reduce hours waiting in line.

Information gathered in our system include GPS coordinates, speed, direction, and even fuel consumption. Mapping software for better routes reduce time and money spent on the road. The system also records vehicle speed. Monitoring and advising on speed, direction and better routes reduce fuel consumption and cost for a trucking company.

Unauthorized company vehicle use occurs when a company has a large fleet to manage. Prohibited use of a vehicle increase fuel bills and maintenance costs. The chances of asset damage and injuries to drivers, as well as others on the road are statistically higher with each use of a vehicle. We want to help protect your company to oversee that only specific destinations and routes are used with your fleet. Our Fleet Management System is set up to eliminate the misuse of your vehicles and the cost it incurs to the business.

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Powerful and easy-to-use GPS Tracking solutions

Red Dog Logistics fleet tracking systems can be used for both private and business vehicle tracking purposes. Our GPS devices will help you save time and money by reducing wasted hours trying to find out where your cars and staff are.

Our devices along with our easy to use application help you manage and improve the performance of your fleet. Having this information on your vehicles, at your fingertips, will help you run your business more efficiently.

Our GPS devices track where your vehicles are in real time and display them in the most easy to use GPS application. You will know when they arrive at any destination and how the fleet is going. You can even get automated alerts based on when someone goes in or out of a designated area

Red Dog Logistics Hours of Service has a tablet or smartphone-based app that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both hours of service and DVIR support in addition to data for IFTA reporting. Red Dog Logistics Hours of Service uses an Android-based tablet and an ELD (electronic logging device, hardware purchased separately) for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Several states driving rules exemptions, such as for oil fields are supported.

Red Dog Logistics Hours of Service adds a full-featured hosted portal that provides the ability to monitor drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports (including IFTA), and administer drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers). The portal and tablet stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near real time view of their fleet.

A key differentiator for Red Dog Logistics Hours of Service is the ability to support numerous Android tablet brands (iOS expected soon). An owner-operator, for example, can purchase an inexpensive Android tablet or use his/her smartphone and be fully compliant using Red Dog Logistics Hours of Service.

The Red Dog RDDAP3 is a cutting-edge device that monitors frac tanks, shipping vessels and containers, mining vehicles, generators, and other remote assets. Satellite monitoring of assets in cellular-denied environments.

RDDAP3 global satellite tracker is a versatile, two-way asset tracking, GPS and sensor monitoring solution, especially designed for unpowered assets.

The RDDAP3 is a low profile, battery-powered, solar-recharging, fully self-contained, ruggedized iridium satellite. RDDAP3 is over-the-air (OTA) command capable, intrinsically safe, encrypted, geofence-enabled, GPS tracking solution that enables the reliable tracking and monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset anywhere in the world – ground, sea or air.

The RDDAP3’s solar + battery power configuration lasts the lifetime of most industrial equipment (10+ years) and is designed to survive long low sun conditions. The RDDAP3 leverages the 100% global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation’s reliable duplex connectivity.

The RDDAP3 is a ready-to-deploy, global tracking solution that can be active and installed in < 30 seconds; no wires or cables, just an on/off magnet.

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