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Introducing Integrated eLogs and DVIR

With the impending Federal Electronic Logging Device mandate coming in the near future, you can rest assured that Red Dog Logistcs will have you covered. Be prepared when the mandate takes effect by letting us handle your eLog and Hours of Service needs. We ensure compliancy and up to date rules and regulations as well as provide electronic Driver Vehical Inspection reporting.

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Satellite Based Asset Tracking

Our Satellite tracking allows you to keep track of your assets anywhere in the world. This system uses Iridium’s satellite network for a global reach that is reliable and robust.

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Detailed Engine Monitoring

Data collected from the engine ECM includes the engines hours, coolant temperature, engine temperature, engine RPM, odometer, battery voltage and fuel burn. ECM history accumulates each of these data points every three seconds while the engine is in operation.

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RDD3000/3001, 10.4-inch all in one robust vehicle mount computer, is designed for the transportation, warehousing and material handling application. Adopting the latest high performance processor Intel® Atom™, it integrates the high resolution LCD with the brightness of 400 nits and 5-wire resistive touch sensor.


The RDD5000 comes equipped with an Ethernet 10/100 port, both host and device USB ports, RS232 serial port, switched power TTL serial port, two 1-Wire® busses, seven inputs seven outputs, and four A/D inputs. The RDD5000 also supports advanced peripherals including laptops, USB dongles, mobile data terminals (MDT’s), RFID tags and more.


The RDD2700 fleet tracking unit offers leading edge fleet management features including a 3-axis accelerometer for measuring driver behavior and vehicle impacts while offering the high reliability fleet customers demand.

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