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Ideal for all Fleet sizes / Rental / Construction / Etc.

  • Email and Text Alerts
  • Customizable Geo-Fencing
  • Geo-Fence Enter/Exit Alerts
  • Battery Backup
  • IFTA Reporting
  • Custom POIs
  • Customizable Map Icons
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Mobile Access
  • Driver ID Solutions
  • ECM Reporting
  • Remote Dispatch and Orders System
  • Robust Reporting Suite
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Hours of Service (ELD) ensures FMCSA compliance

  • Enhanced and Customized Inspections
  • Unlike other providers, out portal’s log grid clearly shows violations
  • Slip Seat and Team Driving
  • Offline support – disconnected operation
  • Automatic retry for loss of connectivity with the ELD
  • Two-way integration of portal edits with the device including full edit logging
  • Fully integrated portal backend for driver dashboard at home office, feature rich, fully synchronized with tablet and all HOS product options
  • Ability to control tablet settings from the portal, such as disabling driver log edits on the tablet by the driver
  • Ability to filter log edit reports on portal by consistent codes from a drop-down menu not available on other products which only support free-form entries of reasons for an edit which are difficult to sort by and track
  • Easy to use, minimal training required, on-screen documentation to minimize errors and support costs
  • Easy to use administration tools for account, vehicle and driver management
  • IFTA
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Low-cost satellite tracking allows management of remote asset anywhere on the globe.

  • Panic alerts
  • Start and stop notifications
  • Asset utilization reports
  • Solar Battery Powered (typically 7-10-year life even transmitting every 15 minutes around the clock)
  • Fully-ruggedized: completely enclosed, self-contained, waterproof, and dustproof
  • Two-way communication supports over-the-air commands to change reporting behavior or manage machinery
  • Continuous satellite communication anywhere with Iridium—the most comprehensive global satellite network available.
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#1 for Parent's Peace of Mind

  • Monitor Real-Time Location, Speed and Driving Habits of your Young Driver
  • Know Routes Taken and even Driving Habits like Speeding, Fast Starts, and Hard Braking
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Report Cards
  • Access to Reports
  • Receive Instant Text or Email Alerts for Speeding, Safe Arrivals/Departures, Excessive Idling, and Much More
  • Receive Instant Text or Email Alerts when Unit is Unplugged and when Plugged Back in
  • View Anywhere, Anytime from any Mac, PC, Smartphone or Tablet Device
  • Your Safe, Secure, Personalized Login Allows you Unlimited Access 24/7
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